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Postcard from … Walsall!

9 Jul

a little bit of love from The New Art Gallery in Walsall

After a long week of mind-bending French classes, I came home yesterday to find this beautiful postcard in my mailbox (along with a birthday care package!) Instantly, I was happy.  The whole week of headache-inducing verb conjugations and definitive article identification was now an impressionistic blur as I sat on my couch, in utter TGIF mode, and read the thoughtful note from my fabulous friend. (Knowing that I love art and postcards, she is always sure to send me the most beautiful, unique, artful cards she can find. )

As usual, her card shares of all the places she’s recently been…Hawaii, UK, and now NY… and the adventures she’s found along that journey (I imagine she has frequent flyer miles with every airline company possible.)  She also took a moment to share the sad news of her father’s passing. I was both saddened by the news (imaging what she must be feeling) but also extremely touched by the fact that despite all she is going through, she still took the time to stay connected … and send me a bday gift.

That’s the power of the postcard. Just takes a few words to stay in touch with the people you love.

(I write this little note in honor and support of my dear friend, Miss Mentor Extraordinaire.  Her love is felt no matter where she is on this vast planet.  This is my postcard to her.)