The Bean Celebrates 8 Months!

8 Oct

It’s the Bean’s 8th monthly-versaire today!

Who’s the Bean? And what’s a monthly-versaire? Great questions you ask. The Bean is my baby. Clearly, she’s not really a bean, but she did look like one at the ripe ole fetus age of 3 months, hence the affectionate term we use to call this energetic little ’bout de choux.’ She also goes by: Beansky, Beanie, THE Bean, Pumpkin and every so often her real name, which we won’t reveal to protect her cover. (She no longer looks like a bean, in case you were wondering.)

And what is a monthly-versaire? It’s Franglais for monthly birthday. Franglais is the combination of Français and Anglais to create a whole new language that isn’t really a language but rather a mishmash of the best and worst of both languages. For us expats, it’s the best invention since sliced bread. (I speak ze franglais oh-so-well.)

Anyhoo…it’s the Bean’s 8th b-month today and we’ve started the tradition of taking a new photo every month to mark the special moment in her life. We say we do it for her so that she can have a whole plethora of photos for when she grows up, but we really do it for ourselves, since we’re total nerds and love to play Franco-America’s Next Top Baby.

Since this is the first time I’m posting her monthly pics, here are a few of my favorites to catch ya’ll up.

Age 8 months: ready to start her first day of daycare! They start so young these days…

Ready for pre-school!

Armed with knowledge!

Age 7 Months: sitting up and ready to rule the world. (I swear, she’s actually a smiley baby!)

Make me offer I can't refuse...

Make me offer I can’t refuse…

Age 5 Months: Carrot Carnage! Dexter, this one’s for you…

Her alter ego: Thalia Morgan

Her alter ego: Bean Morgan, Carrot Splatter Expert

Age 4 Months: Learning to love things with buttons and knobs!


What are we playing again?

Age 2 Months: It’s good to be two!

Lovin' this whole life thing

Lovin’ this whole life thing

Age 1 Month: Drinking and sleeping is hard work.

The Bean's been hitting the bottle again.

The Bean’s been hitting the bottle again.

The benefit of parenthood #1: photos that will render your teenage daughter mortified when you show them to her potential boyfriends. Life is good… 😉


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