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Life 2.0

7 Nov

Salut all!

I can’t believe almost 3 months have passed since I’ve last reported on my life’s adventures! What kind of blog chick am to just abandon you all like that? (Please send my apologies to your therapists.)  These last few months have been chock full o’ adventure, so much so that I should have called in Steven Spielberg to direct it all. But now, I’ve re-settled back into the comforts of my life in Paris, and I am ready to take it all in.

But before I get to that, let me fill you in on what kind of mayhem I’ve been up to since August. Here’s the laundry list for you.

I have:

* pitched my tv series to some very interested folks (fingers crossed, please!)

* celebrated the 1-year anniversary of my show (www.burlesquemoulin.com…shameless personal plug)

* packed up and moved out of my apartment in California

Goodbye, Golden State 😦

* road tripped across the country with u-haul, husband, and cat in tow (more on that to come)

* moved my selected life goodies 3,000 miles and 30,000 leagues over the sea

* de-bedbugged my apartment in Paris (A seriously major infestation that took 1 month to deal with from which I am still recovering    today. The bedtime saying ” Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” has taken on a whole new meaning. I now find it very cruel.)

* started new career endeavors in my new hometown (Hopefully, the euros will be abounding soon. Hang in there, Eurozone.)

* begun my French immigration and integration process (countless hours of training on the history of France and its million republics.  I can now name all the presidents of the 5th Republic…just can’t spell them yet.)

* and lastly, I started development on the French tour of my show.

…Oh…did I mention I had bedbugs??


(See what I mean. I think I have bedbug PTSD!)

Even just writing the list is exhausting, let alone doing it all. This is definitely enough to drive someone to drink.  And trust me, I’ve downed my fair share of Bordeaux (and CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne, Bourgogne, Sancerre…you know what they say, when in France.)

But it’s done… I can now breathe. Ahh…(insert sun salutation here.)

Transitions are never easy, and often take time and a lot of commotion, but when it’s over, they say the new you is born. Any longer on this one though, and I would have penned myself in for a scheduled C-section.

As for the next phase of my life, my permanent address now reads < Paris, France >. The official Parisian portion of my life now begins. The Beta test period over. We’ve officially launched.

It’s Life 2.0.  (Windows 8 doesn’t stand a chance against me.)

Life 2.0 … Game On!

Coming soon…more ramblings and ruminations on the next set of adventures life has in store for me.  This round, though, will be served with a side of cheese and wine…and maybe a drippy French romantic comedy to get us all in the mood.  (Speaking of, just watched Midnight in Paris. Another Woody Allen success!)

Did I mention I was going to start a detox soon? Too much cheese and wine;)

A très bientôt mes cheries!

(By the way, Mr. Spielberg, thanks for Tintin, but now I’m putting in my order for a Goonies 2. I need me some more Chunk and Sloth.)

Sloth loves Chunk...and his Baby Ruth!


Gone Fishin’…

14 Aug

Gone fishin’…well movin’ actually…

I’ve taken a proverbial fishing trip from my online duties this month… and have officially turned into Chicken with Her Head Cut Off…as I find myself back home in California preparing my things for THE BIG MOVE. (I’m heading east ya’ll…really east…like Paris, France east.) I’m up to my headless torso in boxes, bags, and thirteen years of life everywhere. How does one tiny person accumulate so much stuff?? (In my own defense, I am a Cancer. Comes with the territory.) Needless to say, this leaves me little time to write anything. And even if I wanted to write something, most of the time I can’t even find my computer a midst the carnage of the grand battle between me and my stuff. Fyi…I’m losing. Stuff – 1. Headless Chicken – 0.

As a quick behind the scenes as of how I got to this point…Pierre and I decided to call Paris home for a little  while, and with this comes lots of joy (I mean, come one, I’ll be living in Paris! Need I say more?!) and sadness (I’ll be moving away from one of my most favorite states in the country and from some of the most amazing friends and sister a lady could have). Actually, I like to think of  this whole move as my stuff is relocating to a cheaper home (aka Mom’s basement) while my spirit still resides here. This helps with the coming to terms of it all. Fortunately, I’m so insanely busy between packing, selling, and warring that I can’t think about it all. I’m sure once this is all over, it’ll all sink in. Til then…has anyone found my head??

Here’s a little video that accurately portrays just how I feel. Torn between here and there…


And to throw in some lagniappe … my good friends in Puerto Rico just finished their new documentary on skateboarding on the island are looking to share it with the world. Five years of blood, sweat and tears went into it and now their hoping to get The Holy Grail of the film world…distribution. Their project is on Kickstarter. Check them out and if you feel so inspired, help support their endeavor and make their dream come true.


See you in Paris!