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Besides honorary Parisian, part-time blogger and overall fabulous gal, I am first a foremost a screenwriter and story consultant. Nothing inspires me more than creating worlds and birthing characters and sharing the creative process with others.  With this said, please allow me a moment to shamelessly plug…

Being a graduate of the Motion Pictures and Television Department of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I have had the pleasure of being able to exercise a profession in which I can mix both my skill and passion for a living. My fourteen years of industry experience have awarded me the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities and hone my strengths as a screenwriter and concept development executive. I have a keen eye for story world details and excel at writing character-unique dialogue. Seasoned in both original content development and work-for-hire positions, I have written in a wide array of genres and mediums and am highly- adaptable to any writing situation.

Currently, I’ve been focusing my efforts on writing for television. I can’t express enough how much I love television (I am a pop culture junkie!) and the direction in which it is going. So much is possible on the small screen, and I hope to part of this new era. May this revolution be televised!

Below are my current projects for your consideration:

Marie Laveau - The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Marie Laveau – The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans


FORMAT: One Hour Drama
GENRE: Supernatural Historical Fiction
LOGLINE: Marie Laveau, the legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, battles voodoo rivals, dark spirits and corrupt politicians in this deadly game of life or death set in volatile 19th century French Quarter.

* Available for packaging
* Pilot, treatment and/or pitch package available for review
WGA Registered, Copyright 2014







Terrific Street - the most dangerous street in the Barbary Coast

Terrific Street – the most dangerous street in the Barbary Coast


FORMAT: One Hour Drama
GENRE: Historical Musical
LOGLINE: Five women struggle to survive and rebuild their lives in the wake of the great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. Their scheme: run the bawdiest burlesque dance hall and brothel the Barbary Coast has ever seen.

* In development, pitch ready
WGA Registered



image care of rosebloodandmothdust

Town that goes bump in the night


FORMAT: Half Hour Single Camera Comedy
GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: Set in a quaint, small mountain town, a motley group of townsfolk moonlight as volunteer paranormal investigators. Insanity strikes as they stumble upon all the things that go bump in the night…and in their bedrooms. The only sane one is the cute yet quirky – and foul-mouthed – medium from New Jersey.

* In early development
WGA Registered

* Film and television writing samples available upon request.

To learn more about my projects and experience, please visit these links:



Oh…and if you love cabaret and burlesque  and want to learn more about my shows, you can go visit me here:

Burlesque Moulin


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