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Dear Friends…#1 (Pedestrian Woes)

26 May

Dear Friends,

I’m having a blast in Paris. The weather is fantastic and the sights are spectacular. You would love it here! But there is one little thing that has caught me by surprise. The driving. It’s madness. As I walked to my office today, I saw 3 almost accidents…and my office is only 10 minutes away! As a pedestrian, I fear for my life. You would think that a country so progressive and first-worldy would have the whole driving thing down. But alas, such is not the case. At least in England, they have the foresight and decency to write on the ground which way you should look. Here, no such luck. Although, I guess if they did write something, it would probably be, “F#*k it. You’re on your own.”

Happy Summer!

Sra. Blanc

This is NOT a parking lot!